Home Based Business Leads Will Jump Through 3 Magic Incentivized Hoops to Join You and Your Business

Picture a dog agility training course. Some are trained to jump through a large hoop knowing there’s a favorite treat on the other side. When the task is accomplished, they’re given a smaller hoop with another favorite treat, and another, and another until the entire series is complete.Would the results be as fruitful if the trainer chased the dog around trying to get him to jump through the smallest hoop. No way! That dog would be running from him as fast as four legs could carry him.It’s the same thing with your home based business. Most people market stupidly by chasing potentials, leading blatantly with their business. So what happens? Prospects want to run or avoid them. It’s natural for them to feel that way as you can see with a simple dog training example. Can you now imagine attracting and incentivizing qualified home based business leads with a “hoops and treats” MLM marketing system that produces success results on autopilot?Getting a targeted MLM lead for your business can be one of the most daunting tasks you can ever accomplish. If you are doing it the way 90% of network marketers are doing it by leading with your business, and chasing people who aren’t even looking for a business, then it makes it a more near impossible task.However, if you have the right tools and knowledge, it is very easy to work smarter, not harder. Just set up a simple MLM marketing system that will continue to generate endless leads for you automatically. Before promoting any Online Network Marketing Company, you will need a lead magnet that pulls targeted prospects in to get to know you, like you, and trust you. Something in place to handle and manage your efforts so you can leverage your time and be ultimately successful. This is where you set up your 3 personalized, MLM magic “hoops and treats”.Be sure to write these down and apply them now:HOOP #1) YOUR BLOG: This becomes you’re Home on the Internet. Flood your home with great content in Articles, Videos, Free Training Offers, Testimonials, Audio Interviews, and Recommendations. Invite everyone everywhere to come hang out with you on a daily bases. Provide everyone detailed information and training that you would like to receive. Incentivize them with training they are looking for – for free – just by tuning in.Where do you go to invite? This is how social media is used in a wonderful way. Again not chasing & blasting your main MLM business all over, but letting people know they can learn what they need to know from you for free. For instance, our mission is to BUILD AND BECOME SERVANT LEADERS. If you can let this be the focus on how you implement your entire business life, wealth will massively be with you. I am not talking about just money wealth either. The relationships you develop here will be lifelong, where your MLM Network Marketing Leads get to know you, like you, and trust you. This is a great place for them to hang out to learn and grow with what you have to teach or to offer them.HOOP #2) YOUR LANDING PAGE: This is still NOT where you hit people with your MLM business or your MLM website. Ideally, this could be a network marketing training funnel system. Somewhere prospects can not only learn specific strategies, but put them into use right away. If you can provide a way to do this where they can be mentored or coached step by step through video training, webinars, conference calls, and a support team – then you’re walking the talk, my friend. Sincerely and physically helping others succeed, even before you show them your business is “building and becoming servant leaders”.HOOP #3) YOUR AUTORESPONDER: Your prospects and now fellow network marketers can opt-in to your email management software from a capture form on both your Blog and Landing Page. This is where prospects are stored and where they’ll get content rich newsletters and broadcasts on the road to becoming your future MLM business partners. Other follow-up, ie: Phone calls, Cards, Post Cards, all of these pick up where your Blog leaves off. All 3 Hoops are required to create a fine tuned lead machine that recruits and trains on autopilot. Fortunes are in the Follow-up. It seems so menial, but most sales or recruiting takes place after 5 to 10 exposures, so it’s extremely important.Remember, any one of your Home Based Business Leads could be your future leader so take good care of them…Leads Become Leaders.

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